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In 1928, Le Corbusier designed a weekend retreat, named “Les Heures Claires”, for the Savoye family. In its design, the Swiss-born architect applied the principles of his “five points of a new architecture”: pilotis, roof gardens, free design of the ground plan, free design of the façade and horizontal windows. Le Corbusier imagined it as both an "inhabitable machine" by adapting the rooms to their function and an "emotive machine" for the harmony of its forms and the effects of light. Today, artists regularly visit the property to understand its use of space.

The education department at the Villa Savoye offers a range of activities to encourage students, from primary school to high school, to observe, explore and appreciate the Villa Savoye. A number of different approaches are used and can be tailored to the level of the class or a teacher's specific requirement. Tours can follow a "spatial arts" approach (architecture, town planning, etc.) or focus more on "everyday arts" (furniture and objets d'art) and even the performing arts. By providing an enriching and flexible experience, we hope to get young people interested in our heritage and to promote interdisciplinarity.

The education department is here to draw up and support learning projects in subjects ranging from architecture and the visual arts to dance, photography and sound as a way to understand space and highlight all the special features of the site and the complex personality of the architect, artist and writer behind its design.

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